Review: Garwood’s Ginger Beer

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Garwood’s Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer, 12-oz. bottles

Thomas Garwood and Ashlee House Kickstarted the market in Salt Lake for fresh, organic ginger beer in early 2015, and have been the valley’s sole local supplier of the gingery, effervescent beverage ever since. Garwood’s flagship ginger beer is a mouthwatering concoction—made from a potent amount of fresh ginger, citrus, organic cane sugar and filtered water, it’s sharp and spicy with a hint of lemon-drop sweetness. Though Garwood’s is non-alcoholic, fair warning to those not used to raw, fresh-pressed ginger—it packs a potent bite. While Garwood’s is a tasty brew on its own, its bold freshness makes for a perfect complement to just about any spirit, and makes for some tasty cocktails, too. Jazz up an average tumbler of vodka, gin, rum or even whiskey with a splash of the stuff for a tasty member of the Buck cocktail family, or use Garwood’s in those Moscow Mules, Dark ‘N’ Stormys and Shandys for a spicy ginger kick. Though we may not see Garwood’s seasonal Peach variety or get growler fills until the next Farmers Market season, you can stock up on 12-oz. bottles at various spots in the city.–Christian Schultz