Review: Homemade Gin Kit

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Homemade Gin Kit

Ever stare down a bottle of Beehive Gin and wonder how many distinct ingredients are at work in such a spirit? Or maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “Gee, could I ever make something that tasty for myself?” Well, with the help of W&P Design’s Homemade Gin Kit, you can master the art of making your own gin—in 36 hours, no less. The kit comes with two 375-ml glass bottles with accompanying cork stoppers, a stainless steel strainer, a funnel and a tin each of dried juniper berries and a botanical blend containing bay leaves, fennel, rose hips and a handful of other strong spices. Essentially, this kit makes the seemingly daunting process of making your own compound gin quick and easy. Simply funnel your juniper berries into a 750 ml. bottle of vodka, infuse for 24 hours, add the botanicals for another 12, filter out and imbibe. Longer infusion will make for a more potent gin, but at $49.95, this kit will give any timid bootlegger the encouragement to experiment. –Christian Schultz