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Olio Beard & Co.

Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Moustache Wax

If you’ve ever wondered how Santa’s majestic beard got to be so majestic, it’s probably because he uses essential oils to keep it nice and healthy. Now, there are a variety of beard oil companies on the market in Utah, but none with as much variety as Olio Beard & Co. Olio makes their own blends of plant-based essential oils and unprocessed sea salts into oils that are nourishing for both skin and hair—without any chemicals or animal-based additives. Olio’s Frankincense Pine Oil kept a pleasant aroma of fresh pine under my nose, and their Cedarwood imparted a grassy, woodsy fragrance to my happy beard. Slathering on a few drops of the stuff after a morning shower had my beard and me feeling invigorated, sans the Home Alone–Kevin Macalister scream. With additional aromas including Lavender-Rose, Bergamot, Mojito, an unscented variety and more, there’s something for everyone from Olio. And to tame larger, more wizardly beards and hipster-y moustaches, Olio also offers beeswax-based, cedarwood- and rosemary-scented Beard Balm and Moustache Wax. Keep your beard happy and healthy with Olio. –Christian Schultz