Review: Olio Beard & Co. – Tattoo Oil and Balm


Olio Beard & Co.

Tattoo Oil and Balm

Let’s face it: There is a good chance that most of you have some “sweet tats” that you paid good money for, and you want them to look better than your bro’s “sweet ink.” All stereotypes aside, most of us have body art that we love and paid good money for, and sometimes we want to use something other than Aquaphor on it. Salt Lake Valley natives Olio have two products in their all-natural, personal-care line solely for tattooed skin. The Tattoo Balm is a solid, balm-like chapstick that melts on contact. A two-finger swipe of this lavender-scented cream, and you are halfway to seeing your oldest tattoo look like it was done only a month ago. The Tattoo Balm is also good for healing new tattoos—I used it on a Wu-Tang W, and it healed really clean and fast. If you are more of a liquid person, Olio’s Tattoo Oil is for you. The Oil is pretty much the same as the Balm, but it comes in a glass bottle that will break if it slips out of your lubed hands onto the bathroom tile, so be careful. All in all, both the oil and balm will ensure your investment looks its best. –Granato