Review: Parrot Flower Power

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Flower Power

Having worked with plants both professionally and as a hobby, I know how hard it can be to know just what our green friends are in need of. Parrot has brought smart tech to our house plants with their Flower Power Bluetooth plant monitoring system which pairs flawlessly to its mobile app. Once you install the included AAA battery, jam the subtle sensor into any plant and wait the 24 hours it takes to collect set up data you quickly learn everything your favorite plant needs to thrive on. With an eight plus-month battery life and automatic push notifications sent right to your most used device, it will be hard for you to accidentally kill a plant. I like to think of the Flower Power as a Fitbit for plants because of all the overall health data that it collects. I care for plants professionally, so you would think that all of my plants are in perfect health and I wouldn’t need an app to tell me how to do something better—wrong. Within a day of monitoring, the Flower Power let me know I needed to move my plant into better light and it would let me know in 24 hours if it needed even more light exposure. The only thing I don’t believe Flower Power can do is accurately monitor fertilizer levels, as I haven’t treated the soil for almost two years, but according to the data collected, it has plenty of fertilizer. If you enjoy plants in your space but kill everything you touch, the Flower Power will turn your black thumb green. –Granato