Review: SaltyHoney

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Premium Beard Elixir & Beard Balm

SaltyHoney is a small, Utah-based company that produces high-quality facial-hair-care products. I’ve tried my fair share of products in other lines, and while I appreciate the many differences between them, I often find myself looking for something that can get my hairy tangle in order without it feeling greasy or dry afterward. SaltyHoney, thankfully, seems to understand my plight. Their Beard Elixir ($22) provides a nice, smooth foundation for my beard that keeps it moisturized at the roots, which keeps errant hairs from curling off in random directions. Meanwhile, the Beard Balm ($16) has a nice, thin consistency, avoiding the gritty viscosity I have unfortunately become used to with other products. It doesn’t have the sheer holding power that you can get elsewhere, but I’m actually quite satisfied with SaltyHoney’s ability to tame my curly beard. In the furtherance of achieving my ultimate wizard beard, I have searched far and wide for products that can help to enhance the health and shape of my facial hair, and SaltyHoney has more than earned its place in my medicine cabinet. Check out their booth at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival Aug. 7–8. –Henry Glasheen