Review: Sony Waterproof Walkman Headphones

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Waterproof Walkman Headphones

These little headphones are not your average ear buds. They are a fully waterand sweat-proof (for up to two meters) music playback device with up to eight hours of rechargeable battery life. They have one hour of playback with a short, three-minute charge time, hold up to 4GB or 8GB of memory and an easy computer interface. When you want to add or delete sound files, simply plug in the device then drag and drop an array of sound files you want on the Walkman once it’s connected to your computer, and then you’re ready. The highly comfortable design is combined with a worry free fit to keep the device from falling off your head while amid some of the hardest workouts. Overall, thisisagreatproductwithminimaltono downsides. –Joshua Joye