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The Smelly Goat Soap Company

Soap and Lip Balm

Goats are magical creatures— they’re superb weed-whackers, effective pack animals, YouTube sensations and great companions, all in addition to providing the dairy milk of choice for over half the world’s population. With a name like Smelly Goat, my mind first drifted to piquant goat’s-milk cheeses, but bar soaps and bath products are what The Smelly Goat Soap Company trade in. Made with saponified fats, coconut, olive and essential oils and, of course, goat’s milk (sourced from California), Smelly Goat’s soaps are like bars of gold for your bathroom. Aromatic combinations such as Bergamot and Cedarwood; Sandalwood and Vetiver; and Jasmine, Chamomile and Sandalwood—among others—energized my morning shower routines and left my skin smooth and moisturized. Though bar soaps often leave a chalky residue on my bathtub’s veneer, Smelly Goat’s soaps rinse right down the drain with water. At just $5 a bar, keeping your home perpetually stocked with local hygiene products is easy. Also, as someone who can never leave the house without swabbing my lips with Burt’s Bees products, Smelly Goat’s Hemp Shea Butter Lip Balm ($3 individually, two for $5 or six for $11.50) has kept my lips satisfyingly hydrated in the high desert climate of Northern Utah. Stock up at this year’s Craft Lake City DIY Festival! –Christian Schultz