Review: Thumbs Up World! Half Pint Glass

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Thumbs Up World!

Half Pint Glass

Part of me sees the convenience in this adorable half pint. This nice little glass beverage container looks just like a full pint if you don’t see the backside of it. Part of me feels that this is a cruel deception. This is America, where we aren’t used to seeing things sized down, especially when it comes to our brews. However, this is the perfect gift for someone who has a little trouble pacing themselves, leaves “wounded soldiers” or just wants to overly complicate their drinking. It also brings to mind Tina, that drunk college friend who you’re really trying to convince that beer isn’t “yucky” and is actually a really good, complex drink, so you can stop buying Hard Lemonade just for her to consume at parties. This would make Tina seem much, much more normal. All in all, it’s kind of cute, and kind of fun —not like Tina. –Rachel Jensen