Review: ViDi Transparent Camera Kit

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ViDi Transparent Camera Kit

This little camera was quickly nicknamed the FauxPro because, well, it’s the same idea as that national name brand action camera. What sets the ViDi apart from those other guys is the price, and we are talking a few C-notes of separation. You can score the ViDi kit for under 100 bucks, and you get all the extras the other guys make you buy separately. For the bill you drop on a ViDi you get the camera, waterproof case, selfie sick, detachable helmet mount, car charger, USB cord and an 8GB memory card. Everything is included for whatever adventure you want to capture on video right in one package.  If you only plan on filming your perfect runs on a powder day then you will be fine with the 8GB card, but if you want to document whole day or weekend you will want to upgrade to the 32GB because you will want to film in HD the whole time. The waterproof case works the way it was designed to, but you lose 90 percent of your audio with its added protection. The battery life also leaves something to be desired, but with a smaller memory card you will run out of space before it dies. This little camera does well indoors as long as you have decent light while capturing those precious “home movie “ moments. I think I forgot to mention the coolest thing about the ViDi. Their action camera kit comes out of Utah. If you live an action packed lifestyle and want to have the video footage to prove it but don’t want to drop close to a G on a set up, the ViDi is right up your alley. –Granato