Review: Zensah – Invisi Running Socks

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Invisi Running Socks

Zensah has taken care of me before with their Smart Running Gloves. Now they’ve come back to insulate my little feetsies! My feet aren’t as susceptible to cold weather as my hands, but upon putting Zensah’s Invisi Running Socks on, the difference is notable in something as casual as going to a Real game at the outdoor Rio Tinto Stadium. As temperatures began to drop this year, I felt fortunate to be wearing them on to- and from-work bicycle rides—the socks veritably cause my feet to glow with warmth. Since my legs are hairy, I chose the Invisi line of socks—which are ankle socks—and they stay off my calf, just how I like my socks to fit. What I didn’t consider, though, was that my pants’ inseam rarely meets the tops of my shoes when riding my bike, which results in exposed ankles. I probably should have gotten the Peek Running Socks instead, but each pair is only $15.99, so I’m not gonna sweat it. Oh, yeah, these socks breathe well, too—a great stocking-stuffer option! –Alexander Ortega