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Review: ScottEVest Microfleece Pullover

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Microfleece Pullover

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to review the Microfleece Hoodie from ScottEVest, which had both its bonuses and drawbacks depending on the use you need it for. Overall it was a fine product that I didn’t have any major complaints with—aside from the placement of the pockets and its bulkiness—so I was very interested to see how the Microfleece Pullover they sent us would do as it’s own product and match up in comparison.


Much like the hoodie, the Microfleece Pullover comes with multiple pockets for versatility on the go. You’re given a total of seven pockets across the entire coat: two handwarmer pockets in the front, next to two side-seam pockets, divided by two Zip-PIP pockets along the front. Essentially, you can use the zippers to create a separation system along the front for multiple items, or unzip them and have one long pocket that you can utilize like a giant sleeve in the front. There are a couple of combinations of possibilities that make storage on the go easily manageable. The seventh pocket sits on the upper-right chest for storage of small items and two pens, easily accessible for quick notes or even a wallet for easy pulling. This particular pocket, while handy, does also feel uncomfortable if you load the wrong item into it. Trust me, you’ll discover that quickly.


Another item it shares with the hoodie is the earbud placement, referred to in their manual as the Personal Area Network, allowing you to place a smartphone in one of the lower pockets and run your earbuds inside the coat and up to your ear for easy usage and placement if you need to take them off. While it is a really awesome feature, there are times it feels awkward and the cord will start rubbing you in a way that’s more noticeable than if it were just dangling. It all depends on the kind of earbuds you’re using, but ultimately it is a great utility to use.


Finally, the functionality of the Microfleece Pullover comes with what is referred to as a Weight Management System, where an upper-zipper allows you to dictate with the jacket’s design up much weight hangs low. The higher the zip, the more the weight is thrown into the jacket itself as opposed to the shoulders, almost using your neck as a placeholder without strangling you. This also gives your neck an extra layer of protection from the cold in the months you’re going to need it the most. Speaking of the cold, the microfleece itself is a dream to be wearing—it instantly absorbs your natural body heat but never really gets so warm that you can’t stand it in regular rooms. It also keeps you warm when subjected to the recent 20 degree temperatures we’ve had to deal with in SLC.


The biggest drawback to all of it is the feel, which at times comes off like I’m wearing a giant smock. Maybe its just the way the fabric goes, but the bottom sometimes feels like I’m inside a bell. Its fixable with the use of the hand warmer pockets to draw more of it toward your hands and arms, but the fashion sense on this particular model is not flattering.


Overall, the Microfleece Pullover is a damn fine product, it has a couple of drawbacks but ultimately serves well in functionality and warmth. It may not be everyone’s taste in style, but if you purchase it you won’t have a lot of complain about, especially when you’re sitting toasty with a 3DS in your pocket and warmth for days!