Skate Product Reviews – August 2007

Product Reviews

Krew Apparel
Tom Penny Cords, Spliff Hat, Misc. Shirts
Krew is one of the most worn brands I’ve ever seen, and now I know why. The fact is they have one hell of a team, and their clothing is downright fresh and clean. With pants that already feel broken-in and shirts that seem to almost be tall tees (but not too long, just right), it’s no wonder all the kids on the block sport this gear. At first I thought that the pockets on the pants were way too big and wasn’t sure if my money was going to slide out while skating, but it turns out that bigger is better and whatever you keep in the deep cavernous pockets will stay right where you left it. They also have some cool headwear for the aspiring pimps out there; you no longer need to be Frank Sinatra to be a “Rat Packer.”

Digital Hero 3: Wrist Camera
So there I was, wondering what skateboarding would look like from a wrist’s point of view, when I came across the Digital Hero 3 camera on the internet. This thing is amazingly cool, extremely small and you won’t believe me when I tell you what it can do. It has a three-megapixel sensor that produces TV quality video (including sound) and can record up to 54 minutes of footage with a two-gigabyte SD card (not-included). On top of all that, it is waterproof up to 100 feet and can absorb shocks that most cameras would crumble after. The Digital Hero 3 can take still images, three frame sequences and 30 frames-per-second video, all while staying comfortably strapped to your wrist as you paint the town red with your “extreme” stunts and so forth. The only thing that I was disappointed with was the fact that you really can’t change how the camera straps to you, (like pointing towards or away from you) and the fact that the lens is not a wide-angle lens, but other than that it’s pretty stellar.

C1RCA Footwear
To be completely honest, I hadn’t seen a decent-looking shoe from C1RCA in years until I was told about the Tre. It has all the basic elements of a great skate shoe. Even though the Tre is vulcanized, it has a super-thick bottom so it’s hard to get used to not being able to feel your board … although, for all you carcass-huckers out there, talk about comfort as you jump down 16 stairs. When they did finally break in a little, it was uncanny how well they gripped to the skateboard. The sizes run a little small because I normally wear a size 8.5 and size 9 felt a little snug. New colors will be out in fall 2007, but the straight blacks and straight whites are classics to rock while you wait for the steezy colors to drop.