Playmobil Skatepark

During those rainy, unskateable days, what do we do? Maybe watch countless hours of television, read a book and waste away while we wait for the sun to dry up all our favorite spots. No more, I say, no more! Thanks to Playmobil’s new skatepark play-set. Last time it rained I decided to use my imagination, and I was blown away at how much fun this thing was. I actually had to stop myself from playing with the toys when I started changing my voice depending on which skater I was playing with. Although it is a cool addition to any toy lover’s collection, I will say that I was a little disappointed that each skateboarder included in the package had a mini cell phone to match their board. Other than that I would highly recommend this play-set for your son/daughter/niece/nephew or anyone for that matter, as long as their imagination hasn’t been stolen by “the man”

Pig Wheels

What’s a necessary item for anyone about to take a road-trip? Most likely you’ll need money and a skateboard and then you’re ready to embark upon the road; everything else is a luxury. Well Pig Wheels has got some stuff that will make your traveling a little easier the next road-trip you decide to go on: a duffel bag that was not only large enough to hold my skateboard, courtesy of the fancy Velcro straps on the bottom, but was able to fit all I needed for a day trip to anywhere, USA. I got two skateboard decks, all my photo equipment, a change of clothes, a twelve pack, an extra pair of shoes and a bottle of whisky all inside this monstrous bag. Talk about luxury. And to keep me on time, Pig included a stainless steel watch that was able tick-tock on through constant beer spills, a dog bite and all the other random punishment I could dish out. I had no idea they made beer-proof watches now. With a talented team, including Louie Barletta, Ethan Fowler, Jason Adams, Mike York, and Mike Rusczyk, its no wonder they travel in style. Go to and see all the other goodies they have including these and more.

Matix Clothing/ DVS Shoes

This package came just on time for the national “Go Skate Day” and man, did we go skate. The shoes, the Munition CT, held up all day with not so much as a wear mark by the end of the session. At first they were a little hard to feel my board, but a walk through a river took care of that. Also included was a Marc Johnson shirt that is rather comfortable during the heat of the day, and stylish to boot. Steve Berra, Daewon Song, Jordan Williams, The Huf and Zered Basset are some of the many skaters that grace Matix’s roster of talent. Good stuff, good people, you can’t go wrong. See the team and their products at or put this magazine down and skate to your local skate-shop, either way, check ‘em out.