Skate Product Reviews – September 2007

Product Reviews

ES Footwear
The Cassette

Rodrigo TX knows his way around, designing skate shoes. I received a pair of his signature model shoes, the Cassette, and they felt like moccasins with just enough padding so you don’t have to worry about your feet while you skate. Inside the thin, vulcanized sole, there is a G2 air/gel insert that basically guarantees no more heel bruises. It must work because I managed to bend the axle on my truck while my feet were still comfortable and completely safe from heel pain. The Cassette is available in low-top or medium-top styles with a bunch of different color-ways, so you can find the right fit for your style. Overall, the Cassette is just a classic skate shoe with new and improved technology to protect your feet, and when you’ve got that workin’ for you, it’s a win-win situation.

Toy Machine
Josh Harmony “Ghost” deck (8.125)

This deck was hard to get used to at first, but eventually, I started to figure out how to ride it. With very mellow concave it took an extra kick to get those flip tricks to work, but when it did flip right, it was worth the extra effort. It seemed to have a temper mental slide because sometimes you would slide so perfect and then other times it would stick. It held its pop pretty well for being so flat, and had a really good shape. At 8.125 inches wide, it’s the perfect width for anyone who wants to try a bigger board without making the jump all the way up to 8.25, and for all the 8.25 skaters out there after downgrading that eighth of an inch, watch your flip tricks flick that much easier and higher. All the new graphics are really cool, especially the Ed Templeton drawings/paintings. Most shops will have Toy Machine gracing their walls, but if you don’t see them hanging up, demand satisfaction.

Bones Wheels
Bones Swiss Bearings, Ditch Tech Formula Wheels (58mm)

Most people ride Street Techs, but I have a feeling that once you try out this formula from Bones, you will never go back. The Ditch Tech formula is almost identical to the Street Tech formula, but is a little softer, making it easier to ride through really tough ground. With these wheels you could throw away all of your bondo because cracks won’t stop you. You probably wont have any trouble going fast, either, because Bones Swiss bearings haul ass no matter where you ride. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any ditches that weren’t filled with irrigation water to skate. I did skate inside an abandoned building with broken bottles all around and metal sticking out of the ground, and had no problem navigating my way safely through the debris. If you like going fast and you like being able to skate where few have been able to brave the take-off or landing, go get yourself a pair of Ditch Tech wheels.