Skateboard Product Reviews – November 2007


Seed Project: Ashbury
It’s so good to see that there are more and more companies dedicated to helping save the worlds resources, and Etnies has just started releasing products that are made of recyclable materials. Their new campaign, the “Seed Project”, is all about clothing and shoes made with more sustainable substances (for example, this pair of shoes are made out of bamboo and hemp instead of suede), which is a great direction for the industry to start heading. Not only are they environmentally friendly, the “Ashbury” is also extremely skateboard friendly. With a vulcanized sole and simple construction, these shoes have incredible board feel and yet still have enough padding to protect your feet from those painful heel bruises. Although the inner padding keeps your feet safe, when the sole separates from the shoe after just two weeks, you have yourself a problem and I definitely had a problem. The other downfall is that you will probably need to buy a tube of Shoe Goo because the bamboo and hemp textiles are not as tough as the hide of a cow, but overall it’s a small price to pay considering you are helping the world by skating a more recyclable shoe. –Adam Dorobiala


T-Shirts/ Balloon Skate Deck
When starting a new company you not only need good ideas and clean designs, but a proper attitude is indispensable to make people want to buy your product. Finseven has done all three of these things and its no wonder they’re making headway in the world of skateboarding/snowboarding apparel. Each shirt is one of a kind, down to the color (which is made before the print gets put on), making their clothing more like artwork than clothing. They have a huge selection of designs for men and women, and the new shop Autumn Garage, is sure to have a line out the front door of people waiting to get their hands on some quality gear. Also sometimes they will do limited runs of skateboard decks with quite imaginative graphics and a wide array of widths for your skating pleasure. Be on the lookout for Finseven, they are definitely coming up. –Adam Dorobiala


Shadow Pack
This bag is the answer to all your storage needs. It’s the perfect size for people who only want to carry a few things, but at the same time Gravis’ Shadow Pack has so much room you can carry all you need for a weeklong road trip. I was able to fit my laptop (courtesy of the padded laptop sleeve inside), all my cameras, tons of film, books, a hacky sack, a harmonica and everything else one would need when going on a trip. Also, probably the coolest feature of the bag was the hidden mess kit pocket on the back. Toothbrush, deodorant, q-tips, condoms, you name it: this pocket holds it with keen style and organization. I fit all this stuff and still had room for souvenirs, which in my opinion, speaks numbers for how well this backpack was designed. So whether you are a young professional needing a bag to carry all your hi-tech gadgets, or just your average homeless skateboarder needing a waterproof bag to carry only the essentials, this bag delivers to the masses. –Adam Dorobiala