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Sugarfuzz Intimates

Lingerie Bag

This bag is so pretty that my inner princess is screaming. Simple in design, these satin lingerie bags from Sugarfuzz, a local Salt Lake City company, are meant to keep your personal unmentionables discrete. The bag comes with a matching laundry bag for safely cleaning your frilly things, and that’ll help you keep yesterday’s bra you went clubbing in away from tomorrow’s date-night-silky lingerie set when you are traveling. These bags are a pretty decent size for an overnight bag or a week’s worth of items to take on a vacation at 10.5 inches wide by 17.5 inches long. There’s plenty of space inside to carry around anything that your heart so desires—your lingerie, a mix tape for your sweetie, sexy adult toys, your little black book—go wild.

I was able to fit approximately 1/3 of my full panty drawer in this silky number, and I’ve got some big drawers (wink wink). The bag is very well constructed, with no hanging strings or un-hemmed seams. It’s got a drawstring closure, so no risk of accidentally zipping up the zipper with delicate lace caught inside, ruining your favorite undies. At the ends of the ribbon closure are sparkly clear beads for added dazzle. I sampled the shiny, shimmery powder blue bag and it reminded me of Princess Elsa. If you have small children who would also be reminded of Frozen, this may need to be well hidden or used to keep less, um, adult things in. I didn’t want to throw the laundry bag in the washing machine, for fear of ruining the pretty matching satin ribbon edges, and I couldn’t find laundering instructions on the bag. I also thought about storing the bigger silk bag in the mesh laundry bag for safer storage to avoid any risk of snags, but that could have been lingerie-inception, and probably would’ve ripped a hole in the space-time continuum. Currently, I now keep some of my favorite girly things in it on top of my dresser, it’s decorative addition to my decor, and no one is the wiser even if they are looking right at it.

As a woman of a certain age who has been invited to many bridal showers and bachelorette parties over the years, the first thing that came to mind when I saw this was how much it would make a fantastic gift for a special occasion. The bride-to-be always gets a whole new closet full of sexy intimates, why not give her the perfect gift of something to store them in safely? Forget the gift wrapping altogether—the Ivory bag is perfect for gifting any type of pre-wedding surprise, and the best part is that whatever is hiding in it can be hidden all the way up until the wedding night. I can also see the very practical uses of implementing this when jet-setting, to keep those pesky TSA prying eyes from peeking at your personal belongings as they rifle through your stuff in the name of freedom.

You can choose from five colors: Ivory, Black, Lavender, Pink and Powder Blue. Each bag has the same embellishments and high-quality stitching you can expect from luxury handmade items. Forget the gift wrapping all together—the Ivory bag is perfect for gifting any type of pre-wedding surprise, and the best part is that whatever is hiding in it can be hidden all the way up until the wedding night.The bags can be purchased for $42 on Etsy at, and on their website at