Review: ZAGG InvisibleShield Arsenal Case

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InvisibleShield Arsenal Case

Let’s be honest with each other—unless you’re obsessed with saving money and take great care with your phone, you’ve broken at least one smartphone in the time you’ve owned one. This is why the locally owned company ZAGG has gone above and beyond to protect whatever it is you’re communicating with. The Arsenal is, in essence, a Halliburton for your phone. This was designed for the clumsiest and most careless people walking the earth to reassure them that they’d have to go out of their way to destroy the contents. It comes in five sections: the protective shield, the rubber mold, the front face-plate and the top and bottom shell pieces. Once constructed, it’s impact-resistant and can withstand water on the surface. We wouldn’t recommend throwing it off buildings or dunking it in water by any means, because, like any case, if you try hard enough, you will break it—but this one will make you go the extra mile to do so. The added protection from dust over the charger and headphone ports is nice, but the speakers remain open, which means you’ll still need to break it out and clean it on occasion. A must-own for those looking to trade their phones in later in one piece. –Gavin Sheehan