Night of Nights

Review: Night of Nights


Night of Nights
Angela Carlucci aka Little Cobweb

Street: 04.01.15

Romanticism—so noticeably missing from many modern works—has begun its revival, and at the helm is Brooklyn-based artist/musician Angela Carlucci (Little Cobweb) and her charming zine, Night of Nights. This compact and handcrafted affair asks the reader to find a soul mate—that’s right, our one honest-to-goodness soul mate—and slow dance with them to a playlist of Carlucci’s 54 favorite “slow songs”—featuring the likes of Otis Redding, The Shirelles, The Ronettes, Ben E. King, and many others. If the extensive (and well-crafted) playlist was not enough, Night of Nights also features meditations on the movie Rocky—here understood as a poetic masterpiece—a “Dirty Joke Corner,” a textbook examination of isolation vs. intimacy, a (delicious) vegan mint cookie recipe, and playful illustrations detailing all the above selections. And if you can’t manage to get a physical copy in your hands, Carlucci in conjunction with Brett Sullivan have created a video version of the zine, featuring much the same content—and a bit more. Slow jams, Rocky and cookies? What more could you possibly want?