Review: Amphetamine Blues: Issues 1 and 2


Amphetamine Blues: Issues 1 and 2

Sakellis Manos
Street: 2013/2014

I was greeted upon opening the monochromatic first issue by a photo of a lacy thong hanging off a stiletto heel and a blurb about the editor, Sakellis Manos, aka “~manoc~”. Amphetamine Blues publishes album reviews, both new and old, as well as interviews, quotes from well-known musicians and simple biographies of underground, lesser-known bands. Aside from the frequent incorrect grammar, the material is all about glam and hair metal. All. The. Time. It’s evident that Manos is an avid fan who is wholeheartedly devoted to this style of music—both for listening and sharing—because he wrote the entire first issue himself. The photo quality is mostly poor, but that adds to the prestige of the DIY magazine. Issue 2 utilizes a full-color cover but abandons the green inside pages. Overall, the layout is extremely easy to navigate, and the material is entertaining, even if you don’t give two shits about hair and glam metal. –Madi Smith