Review: Betep No. 2


Betep No. 2

Lukas Fisher
Street: 05.10

Formatted in a single booklet with three separate stories, a CD with five songs and three postcards depicting morbid expressionist art, Betep No. 2 explores the darker side of humans. The stories, art and music all explore the inner workings of hatred as a way to love. Suffering and death are pivotal, but they are more personal mindsets one must overcome—through hatred. Hatred is used as an armor, which allows people to get ever so close to the flame—love and acceptance. Whether it be spiritual salvation, self-worth or understanding, hatred is needed to explore the depths. The release of darkness within one’s own life cannot come from an outside light, for the darkness will remain and be prevalent once the light is gone, but rather light must come from the darkness itself. This is where hate comes into play. It is a part of the darkness and is its navigator—suggesting that hate is possibly never an end nor a singular point but an ever-expansive bridge. Betep No. 2 questions the hate in death, suffering and personal tribulations and turns them in acceptance and love of life, struggle and personal narrative. –Barnabas