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An underlying theme for all creative types is the ability to fill the voids in our lives by manifesting solutions. When considering the story of Amy Dewey and Dewdrop Herbal Tea Co. (dewdropherbalteaco.com), we see just that. “When I was in my late teens, I struggled with sleep and started drinking herbal teas to help with that and anxiety,” she says. “I wasn’t happy about using packets of tea filled with additives and artificial colors and flavorings—but those were my options. As I got older and got my education, I became more aware of what I was putting in my body and I started creating my own. In 2014—after brainstorming with the people in my life—Dewdrop was formed.”

The thing about necessity is that it doesn’t need to be complicated—that’s how Dewdrop operates. Simplicity says it all. The key here is sourcing organic, all-natural, high-quality herbs, spices and fruits (locally when possible). Throughout this process, Dewdrop works to create new blends while maintaining the quality standards of their existing favorites, boasting 11 different herbal teas and beginning to introduce green, black and chai tea blends as well. This is all done with careful avoidance of artificial colorings and sugar. “I love taking a bunch of time and making different blends. Some turn out great; others take time. I’m not satisfied until they all taste perfect,” says Dewey. This attention to detail is ultimately aimed toward optimizing the lesser-known benefits of herbal teas—anywhere from regulating inflammation to memory function, cholesterol, anxiety and more.

As Dewdrop prepares to market the brand nationwide, their tea blends can currently be found online, faithfully at the Downtown and Wheeler Farm farmers markets, all Harmons locations statewide and, naturally, the Craft Lake City DIY Festival. “I feel that this event gives me and Dewdrop more motivation to progress and do it myself,” says Dewey.