Whenever I go on skate trips, I try to keep low expectations, just so anything that happens is better than I ever expected it to be. On this trip in particular, I was having a hard time keeping such expectations. I had grandeur delusions of having the best time ever skating with all the legends of the skateboard scene while enjoying nice frosty bodega beers hidden in the trusty paper bag given out by the store owner. Well, this trip was that and a whole lot more—more than I could have ever imagined. I was having a hard time keeping my mouth from being completely locked open in awe. Basically, Spock and myself traveled to the Bay Area to meet up with his friends who run, own and contribute to some of the major companies and forces behind the skateboard world to get goodies for all the little shralpers we teach five-to-six days a week at Spock’s Skate Camp during the summer months. They say that photos are worth a thousand words, so hopefully you can decipher the millions of words these photographs hold within them.