For this article, Forrest Huber, Jovi Bathemess, Sam Milianta, Gabe Dusserre and I met up near the library Downtown. We parked our cars, and set off on our boards to skate and shoot spontaneously––organically, if you will. While Forrest is the focus of this piece, I think it is important to note that we were rolling as a small group of friends. The friendly dynamic and atmosphere that was created helped some of these tricks come to life. These photos were all shot on two Saturdays in downtown Salt Lake City. We didn’t get all the photos we wanted to––sometimes a spot gets the best of you, sometimes you get kicked out before you even get a chance to skate––but we had fun, and that is all that really matters. 

“I really got to know Forrest Huber about two years ago when it was decided that he was going to start working at BC [Surf and Sport] Sandy. It was immediately apparent that he has a great energy about him, is outgoing and up for any task at hand. Those qualities that make him a great employee also make him an amazing skateboarder. Since he started working at BC, we have become great friends. Whether it’s a trip to Vegas  (where he had to get his picture taken with every street performer), skating Downtown as he’s blasting over every fire hydrant, or selling skate product, he has the ability to make everything more fun with his contagious, high energy. His ability to push himself and try new things also helps motivate everyone around him. Forrest skates for BC Surf & Sport, Toy Machine, Bro Style, Pig Wheels and Dekline footwear.” –Jovi Bathemess