With flakes falling the first week of October and temperatures plummeting a little lower every day, it is no mystery that Old Man Winter is stumbling right around the corner. There is no better way to mark the beginning of such an epic Utah season than with the world premiere of this year’s Warren Miller film. This past Friday, October 11, Warren Miller Entertainment and The Climate Reality Project premiere the 64th installment in the Warren Miller series, Ticket To Ride. Hosted at the Abravanel Hall in Downtown Salt Lake, Ticket To Ride drew in a crowd of ski bums of all types looking to get stoked for their upcoming season. Along with being the first to see this year’s epic film, event-goers were also educated by the likes of The Climate Reality Project and I Am Pro Snow about the ongoing climate change and how we need to take action. Personal appearances by Climate Ambassadors and athletes Doug Stoup, Julian Carr, Kaylin Richardson, Michelle Parker and Chris Anthony among many others made it so the public could mingle and speak with the athletes about the environment and, of course, that sweet, sweet powder that keeps us coming back for more.

After the public mingled about, exchanging signed posters with the pros and swag from all of the vendors, it was game time. One of the most impressive aspects of the film for both the athletes and public was that the film was made 100 percent carbon offset. For all of the carbon output the film required through cars, trains and helicopters, both Warren Miller Entertainment and The Climate Reality project made efforts to do things to offset this output. This means they used different energy efficient methods as well as positive land use by planting trees and whatnot to offset the output of greenhouse gases. As Parker put it, “It all starts with everyone making small changes and spreading awareness.” Basically, if we want to keep these epic seasons coming, we have to act now!

The video lived up to its legendary roots and delivered on all levels. From heli-drops in Alaska, to speed riding in Kazakhstan and even ski babes in Iceland, this film had it all. The film also featured bits and pieces of audio accounts and interviews from the athletes, to give the public that extra-intimate experience in getting to know them and the experiences they had. The film was broken into segments displaying all of the different destinations and the athletes who tackled them. One of the most awe-inspiring moments of the night was the segment on a war veteran and ski enthusiast who had lost his legs in combat. This soldier was able to come back and do what he loved on his mono-ski, delivering a crowd-erupting backflip for the film. Inspiration was definitely the theme of the night, as well as spreading awareness to save the things that we love most.

The crowd kept the night lively with their cheers, laughs and gasps for the film as well as celebration dances for all of the lucky prize winners at the intermission. With prizes that included GoPros, Icelantic Skis and a ski Montana prize pack, people were pretty psyched. Carr kept the party rolling with an after party at The Depot, with music by hip hop group Hieroglyphics. Beers and rhymes flowed into the night and it was a wrap. It was an amazing night to foreshadow what we all hope to be an amazing winter.

A thank you is a must to everyone involved in making Friday such a great night. Support Warren Miller Entertainment and The Climate Reality Project and go see Ticket To Ride. Showings in Utah can be seen here.

To learn more about The Climate Reality Project and how you can get involved, check out climaterealityproject.org‎ and whatilove.org. Go support local ski brands and resorts like Discrete Headwear, RAMP Sports, 4FRNT Skis, Gnarly Nutrition and Snowbird Ski Resort.

Warren Miller’s Ticket To Ride Official Trailer from Warren Miller Entertainment on Vimeo.