Spirited Practice: Craft Lake City DIY Engineer


Spirited Practice


Photo: John Barkiple
Photo: John Barkiple

“Spirited Practice is about routines, rituals and practices that change your life,” says health and science teacher Jacqueline Morasco, “including meditation, yoga, and doing, making and using things that are good for you and the planet.” The doing, making and using are what bring Spirited Practice to the STEM Building at this year’s Craft Lake City DIY Festival. There, Morasco will concoct products for the home out of ingredients you’ll recognize. Everyday items such as vinegar, fruits, flowers, herbs, beeswax and baking soda become bathroom cleaner, goo be gone, salt scrub, lip balm and more.

For Morasco, the knowledge needed to make these DIY products has more value than the products themselves. “I want to do good things for people and the planet,” she says. “I don’t really sell most of my products. I teach people how to make them and charge them for the containers and ingredients.” Visitors to her booth in the STEM Building will have the chance to take part in that process. “Products will be made onsite … I plan to have participants help mix, observe, knot, etcetera,” says Morasco, “and make stuff they can take home.” 

The idea of cleaning with all natural products is an attractive one; why use industrial cleaners with dozens of ingredients when the combination of a couple household items will get that gum off the bottom of your chair just as effectively? But as Morasco points out, “most [commercial] natural products are too expensive for the majority to buy.” The things that go into a Spirited Practice recipe, however, generally come cheap. “The products I make are affordable and easy to make,” she says, “and they work.”

Stop by Morasco’s Spirited Practice table this year for “healthy [products] we create on our own as part of taking care of ourselves and the planet!”

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