I arrived early in the evening for the preview, about thirty minutes into the event, and so I had plenty of time and space to enjoy everything before it got too crowded. Jennifer Fei, the owner of the boutique, not only greeted me and offered a beverage, but also made herself very available to help explain what makes her shop’s selection so unique and ideal. Her passion for her business is evident in the way she can talk at length about any of it without hesitation, and with a genuine nature that makes you want to buy everything she tells you about. Whilst I was perusing, she joined me to let me know that the shower gel I was admiring was edible, showed me what items were locally crafted, and was passionately engaged with her products and clientele. It was a lovely shopping experience, with tons of fun toys and treats to look at and play with.

Not only is there a great selection of high-quality toys of the, ahem, traditional variety (vibrators from top-notch companies like LELO and We-Vibe), but also some great fun stuff I’m not as familiar with. Best of all, whenever possible, Fei stocks the store with goodies made by local entrepreneurs and designers, like BONDaids—luxuriously soft restraints that make S&M downright comfy—and deliciously strappy lingerie by designers like Anjel Skull. Additionally, the shop’s lovely logo and much of the art that adorns space were created by local artists, and the event was catered by one of our yummiest neighborhood restaurants, The Tin Angel Cafe.

The Dahlia Room is basically a smorgasbord of local goodness, and it’s just going to keep getting better, as Fei works with the other business owners on Broadway to re-invigorate the area. The grand opening of The Dahlia Room will be held in conjunction with September’s Gallery Stroll. I find it most fitting that an adult boutique is being included be included in a gallery stroll—the art of sex is certainly among the most tantalizing of the arts, and now you can get all of your artistic supplies for this lovely art form at a lovely little shop on Broadway. Who doesn’t need a little more “art” in their life? Stop by and stock up!

The shop is now open for business, and the grand opening will be held this Friday, Sept. 19.