The Unique Culture of MX



There are numerous important things that a business must do to succeed. They must create a viable product. They must hire legitimate, quality employees. They must market and sell their business to the consumer. The most important thing a business can do, however, is install a unique and thriving culture, something that does not change no matter the circumstances. Culture is what offers employees something to cling to in times of strife, an unyielding group of ideas that give each company a sense of individuality. In business, products and employees change, but culture does not.


In the last five years, MX (formerly MoneyDesktop) has grown from an idea into a thriving business, a rising leader in financial technology with 100-plus employees and brand-new offices in Thanksgiving Point. Even as the company grows and evolves, there is one thing that does not change, something that has been set in stone from the very beginning: the culture of MX.


“Competency is important, but it is not the most important thing that we have,” says Brandon Dewitt, CTO of MX. “There are far more important things that are part of our organization than how competent are they at their job. Are they philosophically aligned with what we are doing? Do they have a passion and care for other humans? Are they philosophically aligned with how we define our culture? Are they able to participate in discourse? Are they able to do that objectively? Do they actually present facts?”


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