Local cannabis pharmacy WholesomeCo helps Utahns navigate the ins and outs of Utah’s relatively new medical cannabis program.

WholesomeCo: Why Haven’t You Gotten Your Medical Cannabis Card Yet?


The Utah Medical Cannabis program is fairly new but rapidly expanding. 

Patients use medical cannabis to treat a variety of both physical and mental conditions. Recent testimonials have shown that some patients’ overall health improves in ways they never thought was possible. So, why haven’t you got your medical cannabis card yet?

I Didn’t Know it was Legal to Use Cannabis in Utah 

In 2018, the Utah legislature passed the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, making cannabis legal across the state. Shortly after, WholesomeCo and various other pharmacies began working with patients who entered the state’s program. By following rules and regulations set by Utah lawmakers, pharmacies can legally sell cannabis products to individuals who have registered with the state and received a medical cannabis card. If you are a patient that has been diagnosed with one of the health conditions approved by the state, you can legally use medical cannabis in Utah! Unsure if your condition qualifies? Keep reading! 

WholesomeCo aims to demystify the process of getting your medical cannabis patient card in Utah.
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I’m Not Sure if I Qualify

Here, prospective patients can find a list of conditions that qualify one to be treated with cannabis. If you think a cannabis regimen could benefit your health and wellness, chat with your primary care physician, a qualified medical provider or schedule a free consultation with a pharmacist at WholesomeCo. After being approved for one of the 16 conditions, a pharmacy expert can help patients decide on a personalized treatment plan. 

I Have Never Used Cannabis Before

Using cannabis for the first time can be intimidating. That Cannabis has historically been viewed as a drug rather than a medicine has led to many controversial opinions. When beginning your cannabis journey, it’s helpful to keep an open mind. Pharmacies in Utah are required by state law to staff pharmacists who can help new patients navigate medical cannabis. These pharmacy experts can help determine if cannabis is right for you and suggest a personalized treatment plan. To ensure a safe and positive first experience, WholesomeCo’s expert pharmacists team and staff members are happy to assist new users! 

Going to a Pharmacy is Inconvenient

WholesomeCo strives to make cannabis accessible to all who it may benefit by providing various medical cannabis services once patients receive a state-issued medical card. Services offered to card holders include statewide delivery to 99% of Utah’s population, retail, drive-thru and online pick-up through the pharmacy location in West Bountiful. 


The initial cost of registering for a medical card can be a huge barrier for many patients. Thankfully, the Utah program is implementing alternatives that allow for the cost to be decreased. An example of their efforts include the development of the Limited Medical Providers (LMP) program. The program was developed in order to provide a more affordable approach by allowing any doctor to bill one’s insurance for cannabis services, thus lowering out-of-pocket fees. 

Medical cannabis can be costly in Utah, especially compared to neighboring states, due to operators’ startup costs. Over time, these costs level out and prices will decrease. Utah also has extremely low taxes on cannabis compared to adult-use states such as California and Colorado. 

WholesomeCo’s services include statewide delivery to 99% of Utah's population as well as retail, drive-thru and online pick-up through the pharmacy location in West Bountiful.
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I Purchase Cannabis in Recreationally Legal States

Although individual states have their own laws, cannabis still remains federally illegal. Traveling across state lines with cannabis is a federal crime, which can easily be avoided by holding a medical card and purchasing within state borders. WholesomeCo Cannabis Night School class #2 provides an excellent resource for learning more about the rights Utah medical card holders have as registered patients. 

Unsure of the Process 

There are a few initial steps patients must complete before being able to legally purchase and use cannabis. The most important is obtaining a medical card, which for some can be the most tedious and confusing step. Simplifying and normalizing the process of using medical cannabis is one of WholesomeCo’s top priorities. Here’s how patients can get started on their cannabis journey: 

  1. Meet with a qualified medical provider or limited medical provider who will determine if cannabis is the right treatment option for you. 
  2. Register with the State by visiting id.utah.gov. After you have created an account, log in to evs.utah.gov with the same username and password and begin the patient application process. Your medical provider can assist you with any of these steps. 
  3. Schedule an appointment with a pharmacist. WholesomeCo offers virtual appointments that can be scheduled the same day or within 24 hours in most cases.
  4. Get your medical card instantly verified online with WholesomeCo. You are then eligible to shop and utilize all cannabis services!

To find more information, visit wholesome.co.