Contributor Limelight: Karamea Puriri

Karamea [pronounced car-a-me-uh] Puriri is the newest member of the SLUG staff, but has been a part of the SLUG office team since 2010. Karamea obtained her MBA in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, but she really learned everything she knows from her mom. She is the co-creator of the Salty Streets Flea Market, volunteers for Craft Lake City and you can hear her playing magical jams on KRCL 90.9. Karamea is a quiet force of reason. She's not a big talker, but when she does say something, you better listen up. On the weekends you can usually find her working at the Blue Plate Diner, planning another event, or bloggingm Tweeting and Tumbling at home. Need to plan an event or set up a blog for yourself? Spend a few hours with this girl and you'll have it all figured out.