Contributor Limelight: Shley Kinser


Shley Kinser’s first event as a SLUG marketing teamster was back in 2013 at our infamous 24th Anniversary tattoo parlor: Folks lined up for free SLUG tattoos from six local tattoo studios. Since then, she has lent SLUG her savvy skills at various marketing events. Her favorites include tabling for SLUG for Record Store Day, the SLUG Cat (happening this year on May 14) and SLUG’s anniversary parties. Kinser enjoys spreading the word about SLUG, meeting new people and mingling with our wonderful marketing team. She also works as a graphic artist and muralist—check out her mudras at Este Deli on 1702 S. Main St., and her murals at the 9th & 9th Skatepark and on 900 South and West Temple. Amid all her talent, we’re doing cartwheels when Shley Kinser’s reppin’ SLUG.