DBS III Announcement

What the Hell is Going On with Death By Salt Vol. 3?

On December 21 and 22 2007, We at SLUG Magazine will give you Death by Salt Vol. 3, the first compilation of Salt Lake City bands to be produced on vinyl in several decades, and the third installment in our Death By Salt compilation series.

DBS Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 documented all genres from our white-hot music scene and featured 59 and 42 artists respectively. Band profiles were included in smartly packaged box sets limited to runs of 1000. However, DBS Vol. 3 will mark a change in creative direction.

SLUG teamed up with local label Octopus Records to pare down the DBS Vol. 3 submissions. Together, we decided change was more than desirable. Instead of producing mixed-genre single releases every two years, the DBS series will now be released quarterly, as genre-specific albums. The call for submissions will also be genre-specific. This will make each collection more streamlined and allow for more in-depth representation of each genre in the scene and its artists, from goth to folk to Swedish bell choir. Accordingly, DBS Vol. 3 is a rock record.

The art of DBS Vol. 3 was munificently designed by Paul Butterfield and Dave Styer and revolves around the theme of early Mormon resistance and rebellion against the federal government during Utah's nascent statehood. It celebrates the early courage of Utah's leaders, touching on the irony of their non-conformity 100 years before Utah became one of the most anally conservative states in the nation. Included is a newsprint zine containing full interviews and photos with each of the 10 lucky Salt Lake bands featured on DBS Vol. 3.

DBS Vol. 3 is limited to 1000 vinyl copies. A downloadable version of the music is included with every purchase.

See you at the release parties!

Bon sodium!

Angela H. Brown