Review: Comedy of Errors

Comedy of Errors
Claude Chabrol

Koch Lorber
Street 05.01

Isabelle Huppert plays the little salmon swimming upstream as a French investigator trying to put the kibosh on a ring of dirty big shots spending French money on everything from mistresses to foreign bribes (Quelle horreur!). As the current swells against her, she seems to focus more on the holy spawning ground at the head of the river of corruption, even at the cost of some friendly fish like her husband. In fact, Huppert plays the cold fish to perfection, barely able to break her guise for anyone but her underachieving nephew, with whom she seems to find the time to float along, if only for a few moments before attacking the current again. The story seems much like a river, one moment very like the one that just washed away, while also telling of the moments to come. Comedy of Errors offers little in the way of closure or resolution, but then again, what French films do? -Jesse Kennedy