Review: The Jesus Lizard

The Jesus Lizard

MVD Visual
Street: 06.05

There are shows that from start to finish are so incredible, they renew your jaded little heart about the impact and importance of live music. This live set feels like one of those moments. From the moment David Yow gets up on stage to the raw, cantankerous, solipsistic moment it ends, the Jesus Lizard tank the crowd in unnerving machismo. If you’re like me and you missed live music’s angry adolescence in the mid-90s with bands like Jawbreaker, Cap’n Jazz, Scratch Acid (or any Touch and Go band for that matter) it’s awesome to know a DVD like this exists. Handheld camera action adds to the shocking feel of this live show while the small venue and rapturous crowd feel like they are going to melt at any moment. Spanning selections from their full oeuvre in a 65 minute set, Yow and company froth, fume and destroy lyricism and musical integrity,¬†with a sloppy grin. Craptacular bonus includes five songs from ’92 at CBGB’s provided by Merle Allin! -Erik Lopez