Genderfuq @ Urban Lounge 06.03


It was Thursday, June 3 and Pride Month was fully underway when Urban Lounge opened their doors to an all-inclusive public audience to come together, enjoy each other’s company, and celebrate each other through the event hosted by Genderfuq.

As Sofia Scott, organizer of Genderfuq, took the stage to open the show, the LGBTQ+ community quickly gathered around, dressed to impress and ready to be entertained by the night’s host, Mona Diet. Within seconds, Mona made it clear that this show was going to be one to remember, getting the crowd jumping with an unmatched lip singing performance to P!NK’s hit record, “Just Like a Pill.” Ending their performance with satire, fun and jokes, Mona brought up the night’s next performer, Worst Horse. Inviting the crowd to gather around and join them in discussion, Worst Horse delivered a poetic message that left the crowd feeling welcome and understood. Just then, Worst Horse stood from where they were sitting to get the crowd back on their feet, and jam out with an incredible musical presentation. With the crowd feeling alive, energetic and ready for the party to go on, Mona Diet stepped up to the stage to deliver some commentary just before welcoming the next group of rockers to stage, Eyelash. It was clear that as Eyelash took the stage, they were prepared to put on a show for their LGBTQ+ community. The second Eyelash started playing, the crowd was locked into the music and atmosphere they were delivering to their audience. With the entire crowd dancing, jumping and celebrating it was obvious Eyelash was making quite the impression. As Eyelash ended their set Mona Diet was back to entertain the crowd once again, and to present the next set of performers of the night which featured Vengeance Tampon, Stop Karen, Lux St. Diamond and Church Fountain.
As anticipated, Genderfuq brought together a community of loving individuals to enjoy the space at Urban Lounge, while celebrating what it means to be welcomed and what it looks like to party.
All Photos: Nathan Gentry