You know what they say: Great friends gather together for Queer Wonderland.

Queers in Wonderland: Utah Pride Center’s Adult Queer Prom 2023


As prom season approaches, many people are excitedly planning for the big dance. However, for LGBTQ+ folks, traditional proms can often be a source of stress and anxiety, as they may feel excluded or uncomfortable in a space that reinforces narrow gender norms and excludes queer identities. Luckily, every April, Utah Pride Center hosts its annual Queer Prom, an inclusive, alternative to traditional prom. Queer Prom provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ folks to celebrate all forms of expression without the stress of conformity. 

When I first stepped foot into the event, I fell down the rabbit hole into a queer Wonderland. The venue was covered head-to-toe in Alice in Wonderland-themed decor. Just like Alice, I was thrown into a fantastical world filled with playful costumes, whimsical music, and beautifully adorned sweet treats. Every last detail of the event tied into the Wonderland theme, helping prom-goers transport themselves out of reality and into a wondrous world. 

Along with the dutifully decorated venue, Queer Prom offered a diverse selection of performances. The night started off with a surprise performance by a cast member from the Broadway musical The Prom. After a performance that tugged at your heartstrings, a trio of local drag queens took the main stage to lip-sync iconic queer-centric songs, leaving the audience in a roar of excitement. 

One of the best parts of Queer Prom was seeing Utah Pride’s commitment to providing an inclusive and safe space for all participants. The venue provided accommodations for all participants including access for people with different abilities, allergen-sensitive foods, and queer-focused performers and workers. Additionally, the event prioritized respectful and affirming language and safety for all participants.  

Queer Prom was a fun alternative to traditional prom. The event was a great example of the power of community and the importance of creating spaces that prioritize diversity, inclusivity, and safety.

Photos: Em Behringer //

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