Day One – Sneak Preview and Open Bars

Posted July 24, 2008 in
Day One July 23, 2008

Whoever had the idea that Comic-Con is just a gigantic nerd fest gathering was...well, right, but it's so much more than much more. These people are not fucking around. With an attendance number almost three times that of the Sundance Film Festival, San Diego is flooded with the greater population of the country's outcasts, their unwilling wives, and costumed children. We never thought we'd see Jack Sparrow as a blubbery mess crying about people ragging on his costume, but there he was. The next four days is definitely going to be interesting.

Wednesday is traditionally the 'preview' night, allowing four-day pass holders and press access to the convention before the official opening. Konami was highlighting a series of unreleased and new games, including Rock Revolution, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Silent Hill: Homecoming. Rock Revolution is another iteration of Rock Band, and with no official song list yet, we were shown the same Blink 182 song repeatedly. Our opinion: this is an unnecessary addition to an already bloated gaming idea, with the same gameplay and an awful soundtrack. Silent Hill: Homecoming allowed for a few minutes of play which features third-person puzzles and action, framed in the traditional creepy and dark Silent Hill/Resident Evil style.

Following a quick overview of the booths, we headed to the first Comic Con after party for DC Universe (think World of Warcraft with superheroes). Expectations were low, but the open bar, posh set-up, and gaggle of adorable PR girls quickly got things off on the right foot. I think. Sony Online Entertainment afterwards continued the party well into the morning, pretty much ruining any chances of early morning panels.