Harry O’s, Slamdance Opening Party, Le Castlevania

Posted January 16, 2009 in
The early pre-party scene of Sundance was split amongst a few different scenes - check the gallery -

After the first and only screening of Thursday, it was time to examine the other, wilder side of Sundance’s offerings… Main Street’s club and bar scene. It’s always a pleasant experience when the local establishments don’t forget to take care of their own, and Harry O’s Toby Martin is the cream of the crop. He could quite possibly be SLUG Magazine’s #1 fan. Yaya Tickets and Ice Entertainment presented an opening party extravaganza with DJs White Shadow and Nick Cannon. Both great in their own element, though it was distracting to hear the same song only 20 minutes after its previous rendition…I guess whatever makes the people dance. Meanwhile, back in Salt Lake - So Sweet Records Sundance Kick-Off Party was in full swing. LA's Eli Smith and Atlanta's Le Castlevania played for a packed crowd - showing that some DJs can bring an energy to the club usually reserved for hard drugs and giant muscular horses pulling cannons. -Ryan Powers & Jimmy Martin