Holy Rollers – Review

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Holy Rollers

Sundance Film Festival

Director: Kevin Asch

It's 1998 in Brooklyn, New York. A 20-year-old Hasidic Jew named Sam Gold is frustrated with working for his father and has recently found out that the girl who he was set to marry's family is looking for a different husband for their daughter. Then Sam is presented with an opportunity to make a lot of money, doing relatively easy work­—smuggling Ecstasy from Amsterdam into New York City. He is apprehensive at first, but slowly becomes more involved with the operation, even giving his boss business advice when suppliers try ripping them off.  As Sam dives deeper into the underground club culture he falls farther away from his faith. Based on a true-story of a small group who managed to smuggle over a million pills into the country in a one year time period, the story is fine-tuned with strong actors, complex characters and a script that is spattered with Jewish humor.  Jesse Eisenberg’s performance is the standout of Holy Rollers. His blend of awkwardness, naivety and smarts make him perfect for the role.

Jeanette D. Moses 


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Screening Times:

January 25 – 3:30 PM – Eccles Theatre, Park City, UT

January 26 – 8:00 PM – Racquet Club, Park City UT

January 27 – 9:30 PM – Rose Wagner, Salt Lake City, UT

January 28 – 9:00 PM – Library Center Theatre, Park City, UT

January 29 – 8:30 AM – Racquet Club, Park City, UT