Myspace Cafe

Posted January 19, 2009 in
Nestled in Park City Ski Resort's lift lodge, the Myspace Cafe housed an all day breakfast and lunch diner - free of charge. A welcome break from shitty 'lounges' with terrible music, toxic hors d'oeuvres, and inconsistent lists - the Myspace Cafe crafted a great working environment with actually good food and a totally chill environment. Oh, and by the way, I guess there were some celebrities there too... see the pics below:

Our first trip to the lounge, we were baffled by the 65 paparazzi hounding the outside of the lounge peeking through all of the windows. Completely clueless, Jimmy and I sit down to update our Facebook profiles (ha ha - just kidding). Sitting right behind us was the heiress herself - Paris Hilton. We shrugged and went back to eating our greasy diner food and playing with the mini-laptops on the diner bar.

Myspace's Director of Communications Tiffany Duersch gave me the inside scoop on Myspace's presence at the festival - launching a series of new channels called Myspace Celebrity, Karaoke, and the inauguration-themed Presidential Pledge. As it is undeniable that Facebook and Twitter have undoubtedly impacted Myspace's business model - these new features definitely set the network apart as a different animal altogether, focusing on celebrity culture, music, art, and activism rather than the initial goal of social networking. The Myspace Celebrity channel allows you to ensure you are contacting the actual celebrities and not an imposter - the band channel is implementing the same features, allowing the actual authenticated pages to be certified by Myspace as the genuine article. Myspace may be giving up the social networking market as Facebook rolls forward, but in my opinion, they are still way ahead of the game as far as celebrity and music are concerned. -Ryan Powers & Jimmy Martin