Queer Lounge, Yes Men, Chefdance, Green Party

Posted January 17, 2009 in
Friday seemed to focus almost entirely on the party scene - as the few worthwhile screenings of the day were sold out and the other films lacked any sense of urgency.

First up was TGIF (Thank GLAAD It's Friday) event at the Absolut Queer Lounge. Known as THE spot for featuring queer film and art during the festival, the lounge was a perfect setting for GLAAD's event. The Vodka was pouring graciously and the expected club hits were banging.

SLUG was able to meet up with the Yes Men, the subject of our Sundance Feature in the December issue. Amidst a gaggle of self-imposed celebrity, we attended the haunty taunty fancy party that is Chefdance. At what apparently is $500 a plate, the dinner was a cacophonous mess of tardiness, small saucy delectables, and wine. -Ryan Powers & Jimmy Martin