Sisterly Love: Philly Rollergirls Defend An Undefeated Streak at RollerCon 2012

Posted August 1, 2012 in
This year, RollerCon included a little more than the usual challenge bouts and scrimmages. High-ranking teams from coast to coast were invited to play in WFTDA-regulated bouts, meeting on the Razorslut track and battling it out. In an amazing show of strength, it was the Philly Roller Girls (ranked second in the East) that swept the track with the dust of so many teams’ wheels. After killing two bouts in a row against Rocky Mountain and Rose City, respectively, Philly faced off against the Minnesota RollerGirls.

Determined to fight back, the game started with Minnesota at a 14-point power jam, thanks to the Philly jammer V-Diva being called out on a major penalty. As V-Diva re-entered the pack, she scored a quick three points before L’exi Cuter could call off the jam. An immediate power jam in Philly’s favor earned them eleven more points, evening the score. The rest of the half was a constant back and forth. At times, either pack could see a short blocker lineup or a jammer in the box. As Minnesota continued to lose blockers to penalties, Philly’s Shenita Stretcher laid out holes in the pack with bulldozer skill and allowed her team to gain a 30-point lead.

After the halftime break, Minnesota pushed back hard, erasing Philly’s lead within the first five minutes. Though Philly managed to keep building a back wall on the jammer line, letting their jammer slip through first, Minnesota tightened up defense and gave Teflon Donna a fight.

However, the continuous penalties called on Minnesota's blockers and jammers alike started to take their toll, and Philly again started building a lead. I've never heard a crowd more vocal in disagreeing with the referees than I did sitting in a crowd full of East Coasters and hockey fans. I even heard Philly's bench manager, after losing an important blocker, shout "I respectfully disagree with that call!"

With ten minutes left in the game, Philly had established a 50-point lead, and although Minnesota slowly began to catch up, scoring three points to every ten or twelve from Philly wasn't catching fast enough. The girls from up North were beginning to show their frustration with the hard-and-fast rate of play, Harmony Killerbruise being pushed out of bounds far easier than her agile jams in the first half.

Minnesota managed to snag two more power jams before the game was done, but Philly's lead remained. The score at the final whistle stood 189-149, handing an undefeated RollerCon record over to the Philly Roller Girls after a hell of a fight.

As Utah's roller derby scene grows in size and in rankings, I believe fully that in the next five years, derby fans will see their local derby girls accepting the invitation to play in front of thousands against some of the country's best. And then, if Philly still reigns supreme, we'll take them down.