Slamdance Film Review: Diamond On Vinyl

Posted January 21, 2013 in

Photo Credit: Independent Movie Supply Co

Diamond On Vinyl

Slamdance Film Festival

Director: J.R. Hughto

In today’s world, social media is growing exponentially year-by-year, and what we once thought was weird or unusual, such as sharing intimate photos of each other online, has now become casual business. Diamond On Vinyl explores this new social fascination, but in a way that is both interesting and a little bit creepy. The film revolves around a man named Henry (Brian McGuire), who is secretly recording parts of his everyday life, including sex with his fiancé, in an attempt to learn how to have the perfect conversation. Henry owns a vintage set of vinyl records called “Safe and Sound,” which play ordinary conservations of a husband and wife as a way to scare off would-be burglars when your house is empty. However, Henry is obsessed with these records, and he memorizes them verbatim. The film gets interesting right off the bat, as Henry’s fiancé, Beth (Nina Millin) discovers he secretly taped them having sex, and leaves him alone in the hotel room. While Beth is having a meltdown in her car in the hotel’s parking lot, a stranger named Charlie (Sonja Kinski) knocks on her window and offers Beth a tissue. As the movie rolls along, Charlie develops a friendship with both Henry and Beth as they try to repair their love life, but Charlie’s dynamic character really takes over this film, thanks to a great performance by Kinski.

Photo Credit: Independent Movie Supply Co Photo Credit: Independent Movie Supply Co Photo Credit: J.R. Hughto Photo Credit: J.R. Hughto