Slamdance Film Review: Ghost Team One

Posted January 22, 2013 in

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Slamdance Film Festival

Directors: Scott Rutherford and Ben Peyser


Although the majority of Slamdance films tend to either be gripping documentaries or dramatic narratives, Ghost Team One is the complete opposite of both. There’s nothing to learn or gain from this film, as the only point is to make you laugh­—and that it does. By spoofing horror movies such as Paranormal Activity and The Excorcist, directors Scott Rutherford and Ben Peyser take this film to the next level of film parody, but with their own great clever bits and sense of humor. Brad and Sergio are a couple of normal twenty-something dudes, similar to the characters in the Harold and Kumar films. But after throwing a wild party at their old house, in which Sergio has an encounter with a ghost, the pair decides to set up cameras in every room of the house in hopes of catching the apparition on film. With help from a very attractive female, Fernanda, whom they met at their house party, Brad and Sergio are determined to find out what is haunting their house. The majority of the film is made up of rough, hand-held footage shot by “Billy,” a filmmaker hired by Brad and Sergio. Despite an ending that seems a bit rushed compared to the rest of the film, the great cast of characters feed off of a clever and smart script in this hilarious spoof.