SLUG SXSW 2014 Stats – Day Four 03.14

Posted March 15, 2014 in

SLUGger: Alexander Ortega, Editorial Assistant
Number of shows: 10
Number of FREE alcoholic beverages:  0
Food item of the day: Carolina Porked Sausage @ Frank Restaurant
Number of parties attended: 1
Number of San Antonio Spurs attire: 4
Amount of swag: 0

-12 p.m. Cut Creator/Turntables on Town Lake @ Colorado River = One Thumb Up
-5:15 p.m. Fucked Up/Blundertown @ Empire Control Room = Thumbs Up
-6:30 p.m. Curse The Heavens/#SXSellout @ La Barbecue = Thumbs Up
-8:20 p.m. Whores/Metalsucks Showcase @ Dirty Dog Bar = One Thumb Up
-9:20 p.m. Dylan Cooper/Badges & Wristbands Only @ Parish Upstairs = Sideways Thumb
-9:50 p.m. Nemo Achida/Badges & Wristbands Only @ Parish Upstairs = One Thumb Up
-10:10 p.m. Bishop Nehru/Badges & Wristbands Only @ Parish Upstairs = Thumbs Up
-10:50 p.m. Ringworm/Metalsucks Showase @ Dirty Dog Bar = Thumbs Up [Pictured]
-11:45 p.m. Kishi Bashi/Aerobic International + Friends @ Half Step = Thumbs Down
-1 a.m. Animals As Leaders/Metalsucks Showase @ Dirty Dog Bar = Thumbs Up  

Best show of the day:
-5:15 p.m. Fucked Up/Blundertown @ Empire Control Room

Can Fucked Up do any wrong? Damian Abrahams took almost no time at all to jump into the crowd and get everyone singing along in the circle pit. Their hardcore gait with shoegaze-y guitars are just as good live as they are recorded. What’s more is Abrahams’ demeanor is so down to earth and all about making friends with Fucked Up’s fans, and they were clearly happy to be there. Cheers, Fucked Up!