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Craig Roberts as Oliver Tate in "Submarine"

Sundance Film Festival
Director: Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade’s first feature length film is a hilarious and dark coming-of-age story about Oliver Tate, a 15-year-old living in Wales who is as delusional as he is awkward. Tate carries a brief case to school, reads the dictionary for fun, routinely spies on his parents and eventually is convinced that his mother is having an affair with their mystical neighbor. Despite his obvious oddities, he is really as normal as any other 15-year old boy. His biggest desires seem to be finding a girlfriend and losing his virginity. As the film progresses Tate feels he must attempt to save his parent’s marriage while remaining “the best boyfriend in the world.” Based on a novel written by Joe Dunthorne, "Submarine" is a coming of age story that avoids clichés and focuses on well-developed quirky characters and hilarious dialogue. You can’t help but route for Tate as he stumbles through his life trying to save the world, while being utterly self-absorbed. Submarine has all the fixings of a feel-good comedy without the tackiness that usually comes with the genre. 

Craig Roberts as Oliver Tate in "Submarine" Craig Roberts as Oliver Tate in "Submarine" "Submarine" writer/director Richard Ayoade Sally Hawkins as Jill in "Submarine"