Sundance Film Review: Big Sur

Posted January 22, 2013 in

Photo Credit: Adam Rehmeier

Big Sur
Sundance Film Festival
Director: Michael Polish

Punching thru death clouds suffocating the New Zion, foot glued to accelerator with guitar chord change feedback shrieks into high-altitude circle jerk of starfuckers and art cannibals and humble unseen angels to stash auto in strip mall, take pre-noon flask pulls in tribute in anticipation of a dead reluctant god’s silver screen flashback, Jean-Marc Barr is Kerouac incarnate and Polish conjures same feeling, same devastating heartbreaking psychosis of fame gone sour, “almost 40, bored and jaded,” mending tired spirit, leaving chocolate and apples for the rats, no booze and no girls, just quiet in paradise until chop wood and coffee pot and spaghetti plate and paradise become the unnatural bane of the sick clown: “Go to your desire, and laugh!” for a woodsman without Jello and Cokes and girls and holy Neil  is no no no no fun, no burning in paradise so hitch to the bay and back with bottles and bottles and bottles for the bottles, better bring Neil’s little gone baby too—dragged from the broken goldfish chair of drained wine barrels and bays into the desecrated paradise of dead dreams and dead love, withholding love for Billie and life under a blood moon and “they’ve all become empty words” but Polish, the alchemist, the priest, the creator with power of the night stars and melancholy ear and sublime cathedrals of redwoods, who built the looking glass of delirium, insanity, authentic feeling of connection, translation of the eternal sad wordless word, has resurrected and redeemed the “old heroes of the night”—perfection of form, beauty, emotion of a reluctant mouthpiece, a bottling of  ragged soul, a burning for life and redemption.



Time: 1.23, 9:45 PM Venue: Eccles Theatre, Park City

Time: 1.24, 8:30 AM Venue: The MARC, Park City

Time: 1.25, 9:30 PM Venue: Peery's Egyptian Theater, Ogden

Time: 1.26, 9:30 PM Venue: Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, SLC

Photo Credit: Adam Rehmeier