Sundance Film Review: MANHUNT

Posted January 24, 2013 in

Director Greg Barker, Photo Credit: Patrick Fraser


Sundance Film Festival

Director: Greg Barker

Before you jump to the conclusion that MANHUNT is only the documentary version of Zero Dark Thirty (and you’d be partially correct), Greg Barker’s accounting of the hunt for Osama bin Laden takes a further step back into history and recalls the actions of “The Sisterhood”, a group of C.I.A. analysts who were responsible for uncovering the existence of the terrorist network al-Qaeda. Barker succeeds in bringing a face to the courageous and committed individuals whose actions have affected the entire planet, but does unfortunately have moments of dullness that could be fixed with trimming down the running time. One of the more noteworthy portions of the film revolves around bin Laden’s life pre-9/11, as the soon-to-be most wanted man in the world was a public figure who even participated in a television interview with CNN’s Peter Bergen. It exposes an unfamiliar and unnerving side to the extremist. It would be easy for Barker to fully lose the attention of viewers since a large quantity of the content has been presented in previous projects, but dodges the bullet with a gripping documentary that still keeps audiences engrossed no matter the common ground.


Time: 1.26, 9:00 AM Venue: Yarrow Hotel Theatre, Park City

Director Greg Barker, Photo Credit: Patrick Fraser