Sundance Film Review: Sound City

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Photo Credit:Sami Ansar

Sound City

Sundance Film Festival

Director: Dave Grohl

At first glimpse, the booths and offices at Sound City, a recording studio in San Fernando Valley, look like an absolute pit of despair, but the recorded history of musicians who have laid down some of the most recognizable tracks within its walls is astonishing. Foo Fighters front man and former drummer of Nirvana, Dave Grohl, takes audiences on a wild journey of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll as he energetically recounts the origins of one of the most influential recording studios of all time. Grohl, never too ashamed to poke fun at his own lack of knowledge, sits with rock legends like Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Neil Young and Trent Reznor as they enlighten viewers of their own encounters with Sound City and its charismatic owners Tom Skeeter and Joe Gottfried. In the style of a wild Stacy Peralta sports documentary with an explosive soundtrack, outspoken interviews and wild visuals, Grohl and friends explain how significant a sound board, The Neve Console, was in the history of music. Half “Behind-the-Music” and half intimate jam session recordings, Grohl proves music is not his only talent as he delivers a heartfelt cinematic memoir to the building and individuals that changed his life forever and raises a balanced debate between old school and new school techniques of creating and developing music in modern times.





Time: 01.22, 6:00 PM Venue: Salt Lake City Library, SLC

Time: 01.24, 11:45 PM Venue: Library Center Theatre, Park City

Time: 01.27, 6:00 PM Venue: Tower Theatre, SLC

Photo Credit:Sami Ansar Photo Credit:Sami Ansar