SXSW 2013: Maximum Hedrum @ The Main 03.14

Posted March 15, 2013 in

How did you hear about the band?
Maximum Hedrum was brought to light for me in a soundtrack to a skateboard movie called Pretty Sweet made by Girl and Chocolate skateboards during a segment of the film that was spliced and edited by Spike Jonze.

How was their stage presence?
Maximum Hedrum's stage presence was incredibly wacky and crazy. One could definitely tell that the band was from Hollywood CA. The gimmicky rap movements and dancing  that looked like the stage performance was created in a band member’s parents' basment really shined during the computer aided parts of the song where there was nothing to do but dance. Most of the band members where blasting out more fake energy than a Tony Robbins convention and spouted one liners to entice the audience.

What was the funniest thing said on stage?
Sam Spiegel asked the crowd of fifteen to move in close to the stage, to “take three adult steps towards the stage and let's all get real intimate!”

Was the show inside or outside? Was it day or night?
The Maximum Hedrum show was inside and outside, combining the best of both worlds at The Main. It's a great venue to see bands during the day with the stage partly covered with a corrugated tin roof while still allowing light to shine on the audience. Unfortunately, it was dusk at the time and the inside and outside attributes to the venue were not able to shine due to the lack of light.

How did the environment/atmosphere impact the performance?
Dead! The show was made of mostly dead space that was lacking of bodies except the twenty or something employees working at the time. There were only about fifteen people in the audience and so much open area encased in concrete and metal holding the dingy space together. The lack of bodies makes you confused and question yourself if the band you came to see is really playing.